Macetilla Sherry Vinegar 250ml

El Majuelo Macetilla Sherry vinegar is a full bodied, bittersweet vinegar, produced in Jerez in the South of Spain by a family owned bodega using Macetilla grapes. This DOC vinegar has a pleasant flavour and mild aroma, and is made to an ancient recipe handed down through the generations, using a special fermentation process that has roots in 14th Century Andalusia. The vinegar is aged in oak barrels for several years, allowing it to develop a darker colour, a milder aroma and a sweeter taste than most sherry vinegars.
Macetilla sherry vinegar can be used in casseroles, with game, in sauces, or as a pungent salad dressing mixed with Spanish extra virgin olive oil. It can be used to lift cooked dishes or soups, and even tastes wonderful sprinkled over strawberries.
El Majuelo Macetilla Sherry Vinegar